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Our Landmark Cases

The firm is particularly proud of our success in a number of significant decisions by the Immigration Court of Appeals.

Sun v. Mukasey, 555 F.3d 802 (9th Cir. 2009) - Published Case
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals held that the fugitive disentitlement doctrine does not apply when the government knows where the non-citizen is. It also held that the client's last attorney provided her with ineffective assistance of counsel and that she should be allowed to have her case heard by the judge. This allowed the client to present her application for a greencard to the Immigration Judge.
Zhou v. Gonzales, 437 f.3d 860 (9th Cir. 2006) - Published Case
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found that the client qualified for asylum based on the fact that she brought articles into China critical of China's treatment of Falun Gong and the government perceived her as a supporter of Falun Gong and anti-government. Her case was later granted by the Immigration Judge.

 [Case name withheld for client privacy] - (2008)
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found that the immigration judge's negative credibility finding was not supported by the record and remanded for client to get a new hearing. This will give her a new chance to present her case to the immigration judge.

[Case name withheld for client privacy] (2007)
Immigration Judge found that the client who spoke out against Vietnamese land-grabbing policies and was jailed because of it qualified for asylum.
 [Case name withheld for client privacy]  (2009)
Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) found that inconsistencies in the client’s record were due to the fact that client was deaf and did not undermine her credibility. BIA also found that she qualified for asylum. Client was later granted asylum by the immigration judge.